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The Tooth Cottage is a cozy, environmentally friendly pediatric dental clinic serving kids in St. Augustine, St. Johns and surrounding areas. We are truly state of the art and have chosen to use the most up to date equipment, ultralow dose x-rays and safest materials available. Our priority is getting kids healthy and keeping them healthy.

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Meet Dr. Bolivar

Dr. Marisol Bolivar is from Miami, Florida. She received a Bachelor’s in Health Science from the University of Florida and a Doctorate in Dental Medicine (D.M.D.) from Nova Southeastern University. After graduating, Dr. Mari served in the Army and completed a residency in general dentistry in Fort Benning, Georgia. In 2017, Dr. Mari returned to Nova Southeastern University to complete her specialty training in pediatric dentistry. She was awarded a Master’s of Science for her research on the use of gummy sedatives by pediatric patients. She loves working with children and has three little monsters of her own. Dr. Mari is passionate about educating families, keeping kids healthy, making environmentally conscious choices… and salsa dancing 😉

Your Child’s First Visit

You can help us prepare your little one for their first appointment. We suggest using positive language to help develop a favorable opinion of the dentist. Reassure your child that the friendly doctor and staff will explain everything and answer all questions. Dr. Mari and her staff are skilled at connecting with and assessing the level of cooperation of your little ones. The most important thing to remember is that with regular dental visits, your child’s confidence and comfort will grow; laying an important foundation for lifelong dental health. You want your child to feel comfortable and secure when visiting the dentist, and at The Tooth Cottage we strive to provide positive experiences.

Confortable Environment

The Tooth Cottage is a “comfy cozy” dental clinic for kids. We have kid friendly benches dedicated to hygiene and simple procedures. Each bench is accompanied by a mounted TV and headphones. We are also using re-usable (and cute) water proof barriers as part of our commitment to be environmentally conscious and reduce plastic waste at the cottage. Once we are all done, kids can visit our fun mini claw machine for a prize. If some numbing was required, they can chose to have a treat from “The Sleepy Tooth” ice cream shop. We invite you to spend a few minutes enjoying your treats on our outdoor bench.

Our Pediatric Services

At The Tooth Cottage we offer an array of services that will grow with your children through the years, and put them on the right path for a lifetime of good oral health. However, we understand that no two children are alike and certain patients require a specific approach. We also acknowledge parenting styles vary significantly and we will do our best to accommodate your preferences. At the cottage, we prefer to meet families personally before making any recommendations. Dr. B enjoys practicing conservatively and is open to discussing a minimally invasive approach when appropriate.

Sedation Dentistry

We will always try our best to help our patients through their dental treatment, however some situations may require sedation for safe and effective treatment. With in-office sedation, the child is sleeping and all of the required treatment can be completed in one visit. Sedation days are very special and we are lucky to have board certified pediatric anesthesiologist Dr. Brooke Maryak join us from PDAA. Indications for anesthesia include:
  • Multiple areas of treatment needs on a young or pre-cooperative patient.
  • Patients for whom the use of sedation may protect the developing psyche or reduce medical risk.
  • Some patients with special healthcare needs.
  • If sedation is the appropriate route for completing your child’s dental treatment, Dr. Mari will discuss options available to you when appropriate. If you want to discuss any questions or concerns regarding sedation dentistry, give us a call.

Healthy Start

Did you know the quality of sleep your child receives affects their growth and development? Reading that sentence out loud may sound like a no brainer, yet Sleep Disordered Breathing in children is often overlooked by medical and dental professionals alike.  It is all related to a child’s airway and how well they are breathing through their nose, especially at night. Snoring, grinding, restless sleep, bed wetting, thumb sucking, morning headaches, seasonal allergies, speech impairments and hyperactivity are all little clues that tell us your child may not be resting adequately. We also start seeing developmental changes in the oral cavity and positioning of teeth. It is common for parents to ask dentists about grinding, thumb sucking, or pacifier use. Often times the accepted response will not address the core of the problem, or the consequences. As a mom who personally has experienced the consequences and understands the struggle, I am happy to be able to provide this service for my patients… because baby teeth will eventually fall out, but the effects of good sleep will last a lifetime.

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Patient Reviews

Great Service. The staff are amazing. 👍 My daughter was nervous at her dentist visit. New place. They made my daughter feel very comfortable during her visit. The Dentist & her assistant talked her through everything during her treatment. Step by step. In the end.. My daughter was pleased with her visit. She became a little reporter, asked them questions what’s this & that do. 😊 Highly Recommended!!!!! Great Place for Children!!!

Christopher Duryea


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If your child has suffered a head injury or has severe facial swelling, please call 911 or visit your nearest emergency room. If your child faces a dental emergency, give us a call. In the mean time, here are some tips
If your child has suffered a head injury or has severe facial swelling, please call 911 or visit your nearest emergency room. If your child faces a dental emergency, give us a call. In the mean time, here are some tips

Facial Swelling

If you notice facial swelling or a swollen cheek, please call our office immediately. Significant facial swelling approaching the eye or causing difficulty breathing is a medical emergency. In this scenario, we may direct you towards the nearest children’s emergency room.

Cut Lip, Tongue or Cheek

If your child falls or has trauma to the lips, gums or tongue, apply a cold compress to bleeding sites. Ice cream and popsicles will help for the uncooperative little ones. Please give MOTRIN® as indicated. Call our office to see if an appointment is needed.

Knocked-Out Tooth

If your child knocks out a PERMANENT tooth, find the tooth and place the tooth in Save-A-Tooth™ solution or milk, not water. No milk? Have your child spit into a cup. Call our office immediately. Try not to touch the root of the tooth.

***If your child knocks out a BABY tooth, we can’t put it back in the mouth. But make sure you find the tooth! Call our office to determine if an appointment is necessary.


If your child has a toothache that is spontaneous or hurts continuously, please make an appointment immediately. For tooth pain, MOTRIN® will work best.

Broken Tooth

If your child breaks or chips a permanent tooth, find the pieces of the tooth, apply a cold compress to the area and call our office to make an appointment.


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